The Fucks At The Mall

from by Omnitrigger

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Lies! And tales! and sighs! And banal paradise
And skies, no fires, just cold grey twilight
live, to rise, to die, like prisoners of life

Useless simple resolutions
there's no pain free contribution

You must stake a claim someday
I don't care what you fuckin' say! no

Unless you suffer nothing really happens, you must risk something
If I could I'd cut us open, gashes, gashes is what we need
to feel, to know, to die, nothing, nothing's ever free

There is, no now, or here it's always passing
Gone, it fights, tomorrow, I see something
else, besides, the crimes, and fear of laws and signs

passion, revolt, liberty,
everything must cost something

pass life off as something new
we can live without that too

I'll just go buy anything I want to, cause we all die in debt
I'll just kill anything I want to, cause we all die in debt
to feel, to know, to die, nothing, nothing ever ends

Let me tell ya something son, if you're going to do life make sure to do it right, make sure to suck it all in baby, make sure to fill your lungs with it
Society? Yeah, that too. What kind of society is that? You can read your poetry and turn off your water, but you're breathing that too man. Feel it in the air.
And that's it, it's the air. Culture. There is no high or low. No man or woman. There is nothing that truly separates you from the tepid masses.
you want to chuck it out but I swear to you it's the oxygen we breathe
and we breathe it in at eight dollars an hour, ten dollars an hour,
we breathe it and you want to put a torch to it all
you wanna tell that to the FUCKS at the MALL?
are you going to say THAT to the FUCKS at the MALL?

someday you'll be choking
from the flames and smoke and
all the high and low brow
all bleeds into one now

it takes a lot of effort
just to take a breath but
I think I could love it
I think I could love it


from The Self​-​Titled Horse EP, released August 17, 2012



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Omnitrigger Minneapolis, Minnesota

minneapolis rawk

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